Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) is a worldwide newly developed economic solution enhancing the quality of bitumen used in asphalt mixers for road developments. In this product bitumen is modified using recycled tires and additives. Modification can increase road lifetime built using such bitumen up to 5 times.

Bernet Pars Bitumen offers 3 grades of CRMB for different road networks:

Warm Climate     CRMB 60
General Climate  CRMB 55
Cold Climate       CRMB 50

CRMB is based on a unique technology that enables homogeneity, stability and consistency in properties of binder throughout the supply chain. To achieve this, special stabilizing additives are used and a special manufacturing process is adopted. The result is a high performance bituminous binder with unique properties that are consistent.

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen is designed to maximize resistance to permanent deformation and to reduce fatigue of asphalt mixtures that are used in most locations.

Bernet Pars Bitumen Company - شرکت قیر برنت پارس

The careful selection of additives greatly enhances binder performance, improves elasticity, reduces temperature susceptibility and improves adhesion. Our product range is particularly suited to heavy traffic locations such as highways, main roads, airfields, roundabouts and bus lanes.

Superior Elastic Modulus of Bernet CRMB helps control deformation under high pavement temperature and heavy loading conditions, Increases the fatigue life of pavement under repeated heavy loading conditions, Helps in reduction of maintenance cost and is more cost effective on a life cycle cost basis, Is used for use in thin surfacing and stone mastic asphalt (SMA) mixes; drainage (porous) asphalt applications and asphalt mixtures designed for high resistance to permanent deformation and high flexibility.

According to RPA (Rubber Pavement Association) Arizona, USA best bitumen choice for more than 80% of road construction projects are CRMB. RPA’s in depth research and analysis reports the cost of  CRMB and conventional bitumen to be estimated at $10 PSY vs. $45 PSY respectively over four years. Using CRMB commits to a sustainable future, creates safer and less consumable smooth roads.

Advantages of using CRMB over Conventional Bitumen

Conventional Bitumen Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB)
6 to 8 cm Topcoat Asphalt Thickness 5 to 7 cm Topcoat Asphalt Thickness
1 to 5 Years Road Lifetime 5 to 15 Years Road Lifetime
High Maintenance Cost Extremely Low Maintenance Cost
Low Stability Under High Loads Very High Stability Under High Loads
Extremely Low Flexibility Extremely High Flexibility
Moderate Skid Resistance High Skid Resistance
Low Fatigue Resistance High Fatigue Resistance
Low Elastic Recovery Causes Asphalt Deformation High Elastic Recovery Resists Asphalt Deformation
Moderate Resistance to High and Low Temperature High Resistant to Extreme High and Low Temperature
Low UV Protection Causes Early Aging High UV Protection Increases Lifetime
Moderate Car Cabin Noise Penetration Low Car Cabin Noise Penetration(Up to 4dB)

Technical Datasheet

1 Penetration at 25 ֯C, 1/10mm, 100g, 5 sec < 70 < 60 < 50 D5
2 Softening Point, (R&B), ֯C, Min 50 55 60 D36
3 Elastic Recovery at 15 ֯C ,%, Min  50 50 50 D6084
4 Flash point , COC, ֯C , Min 220 220 220 D92
5 Separation, Difference in Softening Point,(R&B), ֯C, Max 4 4 4
6 Viscosity at 150 ֯C, Poises 1-3 2-6 3-9 D2170/D4402
Thin Film Oven Test & Test on Residue
7a Loss in Mass, %, Max 1.0 1.0 1.0 D6
7b Reduction in Penetration of residue at 25 ֯C , 100g, 5s, %,Max 40 40 40 D5
7c Increase in Softening Point, ֯C, Max 7 6 5 D36
7d Elastic Recovery at 25 ֯C, %, Min 35 35 35 D6085